Saturday, August 18, 2012

Green (Haiku Heights)

Hi all,

Tonight, I am writing a pair of haikus for Haiku Heights and the theme is green.

Stretching tall
Wander blessed and free
Paint her green

Green flecks in her eyes
Firefly joy


kaykuala said...

Wonderful set of haiku!


Green Speck said...

Lovely !!!

PattiKen said...

Lovely. I especially like the first which is a little abstract as Japanese haiku often are.

Jim said...

Nice set, W.G. My vote goes for the second as I have green eyes with green specks.

Sri Valli said...

Lovely set of haiku! Beautifully penned :)

Dulcina said...

The first abstract & the second concrete, both of them full of beauty.