Monday, March 29, 2010

Great Rain

The world was silent before the great rain
Clouds billowing in a silvery gray
Puffed up above our heads
We cannot wish it away
Tree limbs shivering in the breeze
The soil is drowning
Windy assault on umbrellas floating away
Water rising against our boots
Limp goes our curls and lashes
Wet clothes clinging to our silhouettes
Layers peel away, slow and cold
A stranger shift begins in our bones
Tiny voices singing in the rain
A bit of folly to part the gray
While the window grows dim and dark
Rooftops sagging down like rocks
A twirl of gold around my neck
Artificial sunlight

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Life is a journey
Written by footprints
Dipped in black ink
Paragraphs and page breaks
Commas and apostrophes
Thoughts raining like periods
Against the newness of day
Let us pray
For His sovereign pen
Tragedy is a sentence before victory
Love is only a chapter away
Let it be written
On pages that blink into day
The greatest stories of life

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sky Watch: The Gathering

There's a gathering in the sky

Party is alive...clouds swaying to a bluesy tune

Fashionably late, the sun peeks and says hi

Enjoy the parties in the sky everyone!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aura (O.S.I)

Her aura was addictive
Rippling like moonlight on water
Bubbling over in a glass flute
Her essence spilling in his mind
Intoxicating the evening
Her face dipping low against his collar
Red lips pressing against white
Lashes part into a brown sunrise
Indigo lace shifts like the sky
Emerald heels hoisted on his lap
Arms encircling her, he laughs
Her aroma drifting like autumn winds
A candle flickering only for him
He unravels her frame
To unearth her aura
Posted for O.S.I.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


More of you, less of me
The soul is but a tiny seed
Nurtured by the engrafted word of truth
Stretching outwards, they form great roots

More sunlight to paint against the darkness
To quicken this heart of stone
Breath life into this flesh
An elixir in wearied bones

More joy to awake the morning
Arising with a shout of glory
Stomach rumbling with fervor
Cascading upwards several stories

More love to bestow upon the masses
To anoint their eyes to see
A single flame can light a fire
In pursuit of destiny

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tag Writing (II)

Hi bloggers,

Last week, I decided to start up a little writing meme using 3 prompts. The goal is to create a poem or short story. Thanks Septembermom for playing along. You can click here to read it. I chose Prompt#1. I hope you all enjoy the story.

He remembered his father's last words: " Go get yourself a good woman." He was both thrilled and horrified at the challenge. He was young, rugged, and immature. He liked the feel of his torn jeans, and his cowboy lifestyle. He rode the bus with a lasso in hopes of catching a bride.

The bus swelled with heat and was almost full. He eyed a young woman with her eyelids down. A book was turned over on her lap. A knapsack was seated next to her.

"Pardon me, ma'am," he introduced. "Could I sit with you?" Her eyes immediately opened in a dark trance. A few lines settled over her brow, but she quickly parted into a smile.

"No problem," she whispered and transferred the knapsack on her lap. She was amused by his large, cowboy hat, and the lasso he carried in his arms. He cocked his hat up, and she saw his deep, blue eyes gazing at her.

"Cowboys are a dying breed," he laughed as he placed his hands behind his head. "Where's this bus headed to anyway?"

"Somewhere far away," she answered. Her voice seemed to trail off into the distance.

"Good," he laughed again. Her smile began to wane as she drifted back to sleep.

He gazed on her like she was sunshine. Perhaps, he'd lasso her in a new adventure. He moved in close as the bus sputtered away.

I'll be back to post more prompts next week : )

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sky Watch: Spring Wings

Hi skywatchers! After a rainy weekend, the sun is finally out. You can feel spring in the air.

The sun is playing peek-a-boo behind a tree.

These clouds remind me of wings against a lovely, blue backdrop.

Even the geese enjoyed the day. Happy Sky Watch Friday everyone : )

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Murmur (O.S.I.)

Sounds beneath the skin
They like to murmur
Mostly my tummy
The navel its mouth
Humming its hunger

Outside there is a murmur
The wind whipping in my ear
Is it heaven talking
Commanding all things
To move and shake

The world murmurs
Car horns and screeching wheels
The buzz of the crowd
Persistent, beating heart
Soundtrack of the mind
A constant murmur

Check out other amazing posts at: O.S.I.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Four Leaf Clover

Colin was a witty lad and suave
Poetic voice stirs his gentle love
Blue gaze lit like the sky
Irish twinkle in his eye
Lady swoons and flocks to his island

Spinning verses on her skin, ink spills
Bag pipes drifting in the clouds, they thrill
A clover for her hair
She dances with flair
Kisses blowing as the parade marches by

Happy St. Patrick's Day all : )

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Purpose walks with every step
Like a shadow gravitating towards light
In a meaningless pit
In the doldrums of despair
Each step is ordered
Marching forward
Your heart is a compass
God is your guide
Press onward

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tag You're It!

Hi bloggers! Tonight I am launching my first writing meme. I hope you do play along.

Tag You're It (Tag writing) will provide 3 different story lines. The purpose of the game is to write something fun, provocative, exciting, humorous, or whatever else comes to mind. It can be a short story or written in poetic form. There are really no rules except to try something creative. I'm going to start posting these prompts on Friday and you have the entire week to think of something fun. You can post it on your blog and I will visit. For those who don't blog but would like to play along you can post in the comments section.

Here are the 3 prompts:

Prompt# 1
He remembered his father's last words: " Go get yourself a good woman." He was both thrilled and horrified at the challenge. He was young, rugged, and immature. He liked the feel of his torn jeans, and his cowboy lifestyle. He rode the bus with a lasso in hopes of catching a bride.

Prompt # 2
She felt at ease with the blank canvas in front of her. Today, they were painting a nude figure. I hope he's a Greek god, she thought happily but quickly framed her thoughts in a more professional manner. It was a great departure from early portraits of inanimate objects. A confident man strolled in, clad in a black robe. She was enamored by his chiseled features, but noticed that he looked familiar.

Prompt# 3
A weary man dragged his belongings to a town on the hill. All of his possessions were fastened in an old trunk. Everyday, he would wake up early, hold out his mug, and cry for alms. One day, a wealthy man kneeled reverently and said " Dear man, I'll trade my wealth for your poverty."

Hope you play along. Tag, you're it : )

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sky Watch Friday: Haze

Today's sky was quite gray and the weekend will promise a lot of rain. It is a sign of spring:

Disenchanted by the haze
Eyes slowly peel away the grays
Somewhere the sun is smiling hi
And the sky is sliced like blueberry pie
A lovely fantasy to the mind

You can view more lovely photos at:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In Search of Spring

Hi everyone!! I'm sorry if my acrostic yesterday was a bit too deep. Today's poem is a friendly take on spring. I hope you enjoy : )

We woke up early in search of spring
The sun still snoring, refused to rise
We laughed as we poked and prodded ourselves
Emptied our closets and fell into the abyss
Our boots still wet from winter snow
Coats and hats dusted in snowflake glee

We like the spring, they show our knees
We crave our khaki capris and washed out jeans
Our sundresses riding in the breeze
We inspected bare limbs with our magnifying glass
Still no sign of spring
The buds are too stubborn to our pleas

The breeze teases us in cool breath
Where is spring?
Perhaps she'll fly up like migratory birds
Nestle in our bird feeders and ponds
Silly us have abandoned our winter clothes
Running barefoot in frost bitten grass
We'll dance in the spring

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Suicide Bombers (Acrostic)

Sink into the mire
Under burqas passing by
Ink black clouds fall
Cradling bomb goes tick
Indecisive bell cries aloud
Dining tourists laugh smugly
Eternity extends her hand

Breathe the blue air
Orange blossom she gives
Memories of love lost
Beckon her soul in
Empty rejection of life
Remember the final destination
Sacrifice soul to greatness

Posted For: Acrostic Only

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hesitation (O.S.I.)

Move where the currents stir you
Wait patiently for the face of time

Welcome waves when they beguile you
Be cautious to opening your borders

Explore the limitless glory of the universe
You cannot reach your destination without a compass

Be joyous and carefree
Many tasks and chores await you

The universe is your canvas to paint upon
There isn’t a brush big enough to capture it

Stretch your arms towards the stars
How long until we reach our destination

Pour out all your love like rain
Be careful who you give your heart to

Strike the flames of passion and let it burn
A scented candle is much safer

Endless thoughts and contradictions
Alas, the heart is filled with hesitation

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Childlike Sprint

Those forgetful butterflies
Skipping on the ends of petals
In the sun soaked spring of meadows
Scarcely feel the changes on their wings

There is the content of being
An ease like the wind on lazy Sundays
The slow trot of clouds in blue skies
The world slowly spinning round
An artful waltz in place

The fearless childlike sprint
Across the painted skies
Where daydreamers lay contentedly
Tossing worries and cares
Like shoes strung high on a tree

Bodies boundless performing somersaults
Defying time and gravity
Life is a storybook
Page turning in the breeze
Never ending adventures
Written on childlike faith

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sky Watch Friday: Painted Skies

Dear Sky watchers,

I am still awaiting sunnier skies. I can't wait for springtime. Here are some photos from more colorful times:

On the black canvas
Beneath the brilliant glow of stars
The paintbrush stirs in the horizon
Brush dipped in ocean waters
The masterpiece rising
Orange divinity of the sun
Clouds unfurling in pink, purple, and blues
Lips unfold with childlike coos
Exhaling in painted skies

You can view more lovely photos at:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

January (Conclusion)

Here is the conclusion to January. Thanks for reading:

"Will you do me one more favor," January asked, pressing against him.

"Yes, whatever you want," he consented.

"Will you kiss me?" He watched her blue lips turn pink as she closed her eyes.

Softly, he planted a kiss upon her. Her cheeks ripened like apples, and she was falling like rain.

"What's happening," he asked perplexed. He watched her quickly dissolve into a puddle.

A woman crouched low in her place. She was wrapped in January's cloak. She shivered half frightened, and she began to run her hands against her skin. She stretched out her legs and wiggled her toes in surprise.

She leaned against his legs, her palms pressing into him. He noticed the blue in her eyes resemble the blue glow of January. The wintry queen had melted before his eyes.

"I'm yours if you'll have me," she said, trembling to rise. "I've always wanted to live on earth. To be loved." Felix extended his hand towards her and kissed her softly.
He spent a season fashioning several paintings after her. In her, he discovered pure, aesthetic art, and they grew as friends and lovers.

When the project was completed, Felix held an event for his art collection. One wealthy buyer was seduced by the portrait of a woman. She was cloaked in the blackness of night, stars dangled from her robe, and a crescent moon smiled adoringly above her head.
"What a stunning woman," the buyer exclaimed. "What is her name?"

"January," he replied. "My muse."

Monday, March 1, 2010

Running (O.S.I)

Stilted legs running in the dawn
Forever gliding and moving
Dust rising from her feet
Gathering speed like a freight train
Along the dotted prairies and hills
Footprints deep like craters
Etched along the shores of time
When waves are forever running
Sea green skipping with grace
Birds in flight, run in air
How high we leap to catch them
The babe shall surely run
Her shadow chasing the sun
Four legged friend wagging her tongue
Thousands of miles in a singular step
Life is best met running