Saturday, January 30, 2010

Five Words

On her site, lovely Nadege has a fun prompt writing prose or a poem using five words and an internal rhyme. The words are hang, delicate, knit, wash, burn. Here is my take on the prompt:

How delicate were her fine pearls,
Twirled on her knit sweater,
How she yearned the burn of his words,
The pronouncement of his lips,
Dipping forward in the cool of evening,

Gravity hangs on every syllable uttered,
Mutter and stutter to perfection,
Wash the hands of indiscretion,
Fingertips dug deep in his arm,
Pleas for second chances,

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sky Watch Friday: Reminisce

As wintry weather is dipping, I am left reminiscing of summer. Here are some photos from warmer days:

Of summer skies
Warmth enveloping
Sun kissed lives
Lingering in grass
Among butterflies
Stirring poetic
Flutters and jive
Memories of summertime

You can view more lovely photos at:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simple Things

Hi bloggers, yesterday I stumbled upon a wonderful blog with an amazing cause. Christina at Soul Aperture wrote an eloquent poem and is donating money to Haiti for each blog that posts their Simple Things. Sadly, I am a day late on the request but I figured I'd give the prompt a go anyway. Please pay her a visit and read the beauty and eloquence in her words.

The enveloping joy of His love

Strength, love, sacrifice, and togetherness

Merriment, laughs, and beautiful memories

Opportunities, purpose, and fulfillment

Heart and soul lingering on every syllable and word

Nature, solace, and connection

Humor, giddiness, joyful bellies

Accepting, kind, gracious, inviting

Wildlife, plants, forests, connection to creation

The possibility to see what isn't there

City fever, team colors, exhilaration, high fives

Community, readers, writers, creativity and inspiration

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simply Snickers: Wait

This week's Simply Snicker's Challenge uses the words wait, watch, and willful. Special thanks to Linda at Simply Snicker's for the fun prompts. The accompanying portrait is Kees van Dongen's Meeting in the Woods. The poetic style in this piece is the Lanturne.

Willful gaze
Whistles nearby

Sunday, January 24, 2010

January (Part II)

Dear bloggers,

I am having some internet problems and though I was able to post today, I couldn't access many of your sites. I'm sorry. I'll try to visit as soon as possible. Here is Part 2 of my latest short story:

"Halloo Felix," a voice sang. Her countenance flickered before him like a fire, and she appeared like white dust. Her fingers were long, blue icicles, and her hair swung down like diamond stars.

"You are stunning," he sighed and bowed low to the ground.

"My darling, rise. Rise! You flatter me so," she laughed. She plopped on his bed, her gown fluttering against his flesh. He felt the frost of her breath and clothes but didn't move.

"Felix, don 't be so shy. You've never been that way with my cousin sunrise."

"Sunrise," he answered, half startled. "She's a woman?"

"Of course she is," she answered indignantly. "Well, not quite. She can take on any form of the beholder's choosing." Her lips pursed as if to say something else, but she fidgeted with her hair instead.

"How do you know my name anyway," he asked with a jolt. She seemed stunned by the accusation. Her brows arched downward like blue clouds, but she laughed loudly.

"I have seen your work. You are Great Felix the artist!"

"I am hardly an artist," Felix dismissed. "Say, I felt something...icy against my skin," he asked slowly. "Was it you?"

"Guilty as charged," she answered, raising her fingers. "I was lonely. You're such a handsome little thing. I wanted someone to play with." She tried to touch his hand, but he averted her.

"Who are you," he whispered softly. He was fearful of the answer that would dance from her blue lips.

"January, dear. My name is January."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Summer Rain (Acrostic)

I chose the lovely Acrostic Summer Rain for my next poem, which conjures up a beautiful image in the dead of winter. Special thanks to Amias for these delightful prompts:

Sultry, soaked kisses
Under the umbrella
Marries foreign lips
Musically passionate gifts
Enveloping the earlobes
Raindrops caress skin

Releasing inner bliss
A childlike leap
In silvery puddles
Near lovers feet

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chaos (O.S.I)

This week's O.S.I. prompt is chaos. I'd like to dedicate this poem to the people of Haiti. May God bless them during this difficult time.

Crumbling world
Shattering all existence
Homes buried in rubble
The world tumbles
Flesh and bone
Bruised on stone
Cries to God echo

Deafening earthquake
Ceases all laughter
Pieces of life
Scattered like breadcrumbs
Sorrows shouted to God

Hear the murmurs
Screams of madness
A lingering sadness
Strong hands shall build

Erect brick and stone
Reclaim body and soul
Rekindling love and hope

But fragmented minds
Reverberate in hearts
Spirits disillusioned
Who shall wake them
From chaos?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January (Part I)

January (A Short Story)

He awoke in the darkness before the sun peaked her head in the dawn. A wet paint brush still lingered on the bedsheets and a canvas was neglected on the floor. He had a habit of falling asleep while working but loved to see the horizon at sunrise. The sun was a majestic vixen with a golden facade, and her hair was strewn about the clouds. She was a chameleon of sorts, bursting in dark blue and purple hues or revealing herself in yellow and pink bliss. She was his lover, awakening him in the morning with a soft glow. The light hit him and her glory enveloped the sheets. But there lingered an unfamiliar chill in the air. An icy finger pressed against his bones, and he shivered beneath the sheets. A gaunt face, in the silvery glow of the moon, gazed longingly at him....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun and Games

Playing along with Septembermom, and also featured on Jenners blog, I am doing a Word Association game. I am thinking about the first word that comes to mind for the following: Blossom, Voyage, Strawberries, Image, Shiver

Blossom- Spring! Spring certainly cannot come soon enough. Winter's been a bit unkind so far. Time for those lovely flowers to bloom and butterflies to kiss their petals.

Voyage- Adventure! I'm thinking about the classic Bettie Davis film Now Voyager, where she drifts away on a cruise and meets a handsome man with an accent. Sounds like a fun adventure to me : )

Strawberries- Lips. Strawberries are such a delicious and sweet fruit, and I imagine them turning your lips red. Such an exciting treat and makes me think of summer.

Image-Photo. Pictures hold so much memory and seem to suspend you in time and place.

Shiver-Winter. Cold and icy weather has graced the entire East Coast. Hoping for clear blue skies and a hot sun!

If you'd like to play along, let me know and I'll send five words your way.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eeyore (Acrostic)

Hi bloggers! For this month's Acrostic, I chose the word Eeyore, the lovable yet glum little guy from the Winnie the Pooh crew. I wrote a poem and short story so read on if you have some time to spare. Until next time : )

Endearing yet droopy
Ever downcast, glum
Your neighboring friend
Oddly drifts alone
Ringleader of the
Epic melancholy blues

Everyone gathered for Eeyore's surprise birthday party. Pooh, Rabbit, Piglet, Tigger, and Christopher Robin hid in a dark closet.

Emptying out on the floor, they could not contain the surprise anymore. "Happy Birthday," they shouted as streamers and balloons pelted the birthday boy. "How old are you now," they sang.

You'll have to excuse me," Eeyore answered somber. "I stopped counting years ago."

Oh bother," replied Pooh, who seemed most puzzled at Eeyore's unflappable nature.

Rabbit cut the cake before Tigger could dive into it, and Piglet served Eeyore a large slice. The sides of his mouth began to part into a wee smile.

Eeyore, you've got a nice smile," Christopher Robin laughed and snapped a photo of the rare occasion.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

55 Fiction: Change

For the New Year, I would like to write more prose and fiction. In previous posts, I experimented with short stories but given the length, I'd like to try something a bit more concise. This is my first attempt at 55 Fiction so I am still learning the craft:

She wreaked ingratitude like sweat dripping on hot asphalt. The stench lingered on the ends of her hair and weighed heavily on the soles of her feet. Her tongue was drunk on insults and frustration. She desired and lusted but she could not attain. In an instant, her life changed. She missed life's greater purpose.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wings (O.S.I.)

This week's O.S.I prompt is Wings and here is my impression:

Wings dipped into morning
Resting along the sunrise
Swooning on the wind's breath
Now fluttering to the sky
Prism of colors and design
Distinctly delicate and refined
Designed by heavenly creation
Soaring to the firmament with elation