Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Dear bloggers, I wish you all a Happy New Year. May all the things you hope and pray for come true. I chose a unique and succinct poetic style called the Tyburn for my latest entry.
New Year’s filled with living and hoping
Happily free, dreaming and breathing

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

O.S.I.: Wanderlust

Hi bloggers. I hope your holidays were nice and special. This week's O.S.I prompt is wanderlust. I chose a unique poetic form called the palindrome (a poem which reads the same forwards and backwards).

Travelling eyes,
Desiring new adventures,
Encounters strange and brave,
Mountains and hills towering heavens,
Seducing shores of sand and time,
Elixers sweetened on daydreamers lips,
Fantasy fulfilling wild imaginations,
Imaginations wild fulfilling fantasy,
Lips, dreamers day on sweetened elixers,
Time and sand of shores seducing,
Heavens towering hills and mountains,
Brave and strange encounters,
Adventures new desiring,
Eyes travelling

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas (Acrostic)

I chose the word Christmas for this week's Acrostic. Here are some photos from my visit to Macy's in Herald's Square.

May you all have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday!!!

Christen the rooftops white
Hail to the holy child
Red adorns doors and garnish
Inches deep in winter snow
Satisfying pies and treats
Tender embrace under mistletoe
Merry making and joyful song
Adventures through piles of wrapping
Seasons of love and giving

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let It Snow!!!

Yesterday the East Coast was hit with a blizzard from D.C. to New England. Quite a wintry surprise a few days before Christmas.

Buckets of snow
Blankets the
Frozen earth

Dreams of wintry
Wonderlands are
Enchantingly divine

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow Beau

Lovely snow cone
Icy beau
To chill the embers
Of my warm blood

Coal eyes
So mysterious
Jolly, yet cryptic
Staring at all the women

Rustic hat
Adorns your crown
Round, robust build
Immovable in the wind

A natural with children
Stoic figure
On glistening hilltops
Bearer of winter

Smoke billowing
From your corn cob pipe
You can chill my evenings
Any night

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lighthouse (O.S.I.)

This week's O.S.I. prompt is Lighthouse. I envisioned sailors lost at sea and the glory of a lighthouse in the distance.

Portentous waves
Ravenous souls thirst
Portentous waves
Sea creatures hum and stir
Driven by a watery hearse
Madness heightened by the cursed
Portentous waves

Sea babes seduce sailors
Temptress fins beguile
Sea babes seduce sailors
Cast overboard in glee
Hearts are in denial
Fear ceases for awhile
Sea babes seduce sailors

Flickering light of midnight
Burns like a heavenly flag
Flickering light of midnight
Heavenly siren of the sea
Boat racing like a stag
Lost spirits cannot lag
Flickering light of midnight

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holly (Acrostic)

Hope filled embers crackled in a fire place. The wintry wind shivered against the windowpane. Lonely and desolate were the snow glazed streets.

Oppressive gloom now settled in the loveless room. She rocked resolutely in her chair. Determined not to open her eyelids, she refused to gaze upon the waning daylight.

Lingering was the laughter of Christmas' ago. How she pondered the kisses of her little ones rejoicing under the tree. She favored the lap of her husband and his stirring kisses.

Love was the nectar of time. The narrative of her life. Now weary age dried up the last of her memories. Little ones now preoccupied with families of their own. Distant love was now sent with cards and greetings.

Yearning evermore for holly and trim, the petals of poinsettias lined her steps of yesteryear. Young children gathering once more in merriment. Sipping on hot chocolate and ringing aloud in song, night was filled with love making under the mistletoe.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

24 Decembers

24 Decembers
Arctic chill nipping at the bones,
Wintry white thickens the firmament,
Pale blue skies awaken the heavens,
Frost kisses the fingers and toes,
Eyelids caressed by snowflakes,
Wetting the ground like dew below,
Wind whistling a winter tune,
Tree limbs dance in a winter solstice,
Bon voyage to fall ties,
Pumpkin pie replaced by icicle pops,
Children's elation of school cancellations,
March like toy soldiers in wool coats,
Church bells sing Christmas carols,
And saturates the white night,
Orchestrating a glorious December morn.