Monday, April 29, 2013

Liquid (O.S.I.)

Hello all,

I am writing for O.S.I. and the theme is liquid.  Hope you enjoy!!

I can testify that dreams
Are liquid pools for the soul
And we may take bird baths
Or baptize ourselves
In their splendor

If we spend evenings
In the gutter
Where the rain
Collects our thoughts
May we gleam their beauty
From a crystal waterfall

And should they darken
Towards the moon
In a starless sky
We will laugh and remember
Life is but a dream

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Volcano (Haiku Heights)

Hi bloggers,

I am in a haiku mood. The following poem is written for Haiku Heights, and the theme is volcano.

Wanton, burning eyes
Palpable fire in your touch
Lips of volcano

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Square Box

Hi bloggers,

I am writing the following poem for Sunday Whirl.  

Rosie believes the world reveals its face through a square box
When mama waves her black wand
The square box clicks on and an image waltzes in
With stories and tales that shipped beyond her land

She struggles to understand the world with infant eyes
As horror sweeps against her mother's face
It is like the shock of pain
When she can find no shelter from the rain
And the promise of sunlight dissolves into the clouds

Rosie observes the countless evenings spent in front of the box
As the world thrives on blood
She skinned her knee once, out came a drop of red
But on the screen blood sheds like a river

Men in anger and hate cry infidels
Rosie does not know this word but fears it is a boogie man
While land and sea is consumed by black smoke
Mama tugs her baby tight and whispers a bomb
But her heart refuses to harden in darkness
Rosie is nurtured in love, resilience, and peace

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Poem In the Sky

Blue ribbon in my pocket
Stretching from end to end
Is it heaven or the sea
Reflecting its heart back to me

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Owl (Haiku)

Black shawl sweeps like night
Hooting, beating on my chest
Hunting for his prey

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Crush

Artwork By Kuzma Petrov-Vodin, Spring (1935)

Shy, coquettish Laura Lee
Your lips anoint me like the buds of spring
I thirst for playful romps in the grass
To dive into your ocean-blue dress
But I digress cowardly folding my hat
As you are preoccupied with the world beneath
If I could live inside your great, brown eyes
I'd steal your thoughts from those blue skies 

Written For Magpie Tales

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Daughters of Aman (Part IV)

Hi Bloggers,

Here is Part IV of my short story.  If you missed any sections, you can check out Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Scarcely had the men escaped from the great eel's presence, that they filled the halls of the court with shouting: "The prince is dead!"  "Prince Kristacus is dead!" 

The news grieved the king greatly as he cried aloud to heaven, and he inquired about his son's tragic demise.  One of the witnesses recalled the eldest daughter of Aman enticing the prince before he swam to his death.  

But the king refused to investigate the matter for his heart was broken.  He ordered the kingdom mourn Kristacus for two fortnights.  

While the kingdom honored his memory, Redinoldo (the second prince) had desired that the mourning cease. He discerned that his father had become sickly and neglected the throne.  And he ventured out into the Forest of Fortune with hope he'd return with a rare and valuable gift. 

Now the Forest of Fortune was rumored to hold grave dangers for mortal men, but Redinoldo praised himself for being wise and lacked fear.   While the prince hunted, Amielle followed him silently, jumping like a lithe cat from branch to branch.  

Along the journey, a hare crossed his path.  The creature danced in an exotic coat of red and lifted its tail as if to tease him.  Redinoldo raised his arrow slowly and was ready to shoot when the hare shouted:

"Be merciful my prince!" 

"Ho! Did the hare talk to me?  Or do I dream foolishly?"  The prince almost fell backward by the hare's reply.

"Nay, I speak and plead for my life," the creature answered.

"I shall humor you hare," the prince granted.  "What shall you give me in exchange for your life?"

"The untold fortunes of the forest," she replied.  "For no man has seen nor tasted the forest's rich fruits."

"Shall I trust this creature," Redinoldo reasoned aloud.  "Hare, if you lie, my arrow shall strike you dead."

"My prince, I revere you for your wisdom.  And if I lie, I deserve this fate."  

To be continued...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jasmine (Haiku)

Hi Bloggers,

I am writing for Haiku Heights and today's theme is jasmine.

Empty mug
Jasmine for your lips
Pour on love

Monday, April 8, 2013

Broadway (O.S.I.)

Hi Bloggers,

I am writing for O.S.I.  and the theme is Broadway!

Farm life is a speck of dirt beneath her fingernails
She is a moth trapped between two worlds
Suspended by the light of the city
Though the mud cakes beneath her boots
Though the cow's udder is so full it moos
Though the rooster holds the sunrise with its crow
And papa's tears are bluer than his overalls
A train hollers in her dreams
Promising happier days in the city

A suitcase holds the remnants of her life
Broadway sparkles with glimmer and light
Yet her heart grows homesick by the day
As her accent slips into a country twang
Her hair still smells of straw and churned butter
She'd rather pick daisies instead of men
In her dreams, she flies and greets clear skies
With hope she'll lay her head in greener pastures

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pillow Fight Haiku!

Hi all,

In honor of Pillow Fight Day, I've penned the following haiku:

Pillow fight 
Feathers floating free
Light as snow

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rumi's Moon (Poetry Month)

Hi bloggers,

April is National Poetry Month!  I will be paying homage to classic poets throughout April on my site.  

The following poem was inspired by Rumi's Twilight.

Am I myself
Fingers, toes which curl
In an unconscious stream
A lazy swim 
Eyes half-closed
To the moon
There is a ship 
Which sails beneath
I am a shimmering body
A rock sinking 
Drowning until 
The stars catch me

Monday, April 1, 2013

Wide Open Soul

Artwork By Jacek Yerka (Between Heaven and Hell)

There are no curtains, no doors
To the room that is your soul
By design an artist to the core
Lock and key, serving tea for two
Be my Adam and I'll play your Eve
Forbidden fruit between our lips

We forget the hissing egg on a hot pan
And the cat curled up in dreamland
We cover ourselves in leaves
A pair of human trees
With eyes wide open and full of dreams

Inspired by The Mag and O.S.I.