Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Daughters of Aman (Conclusion)

Hi all,

Here is the conclusion to my short story.  I hope you enjoy!  A link to previous chapters can be found here.

The king awaited the mysterious bird's visit for a fortnight, but it did not appear.  Then one starless night, when the moon faintly appeared from heaven, a majestic bird of silver beat her wings along palace stone.  The king bowed to her with great trepidation and bade her to speak.  

"A wicked curse has befallen thy throne, but I can heal thee of thy heartache.  I know where thy sons are."

The king rejoiced at the good news.  But when the bird commanded he climb into her beak, he refused.

"I shall not trick thee," the bird promised.  "However, if thou refuses my offer tonight, I shall not return."

Early before dawn, several farmers spotted a moon with wings.  It was the great, silver bird with the king in its beak.  They flew high into the sky until they became a speck to the naked eye.  The king was never spotted in his country again.

The king's youngest son Hollidon pardoned Aman and restored back his honor and riches.  And the daughters of Aman lived in peace though, on occasion, they enjoyed their days as exotic creatures. 



Gillena Cox said...

would have liked a link back to the past chapters for a reread

much love...

Jules said...

I am glad you added the link to your stories...I read them all and perhaps may now dream of the magical sisters and their loving father. And perhaps one lucky prince, now king.

Thank you for your visit to my 'garden piece' -
It is a pleasure to entertain other writers. :)