Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Blessings. Sometimes they are subtle like still breath rising from your chest. Or eyes awakening from a long rest. It could be the smile from a stranger's lips. Or the laugh of a little one in bliss. The simplicity of life is a blessing. For in God's loving arms, my soul is resting. With peace and joy, he is my heart's content. He paints the sky and swirls the clouds to my amazement. The wind reminds of His presence. How near I am when I wander in the desert. And though night bleeds blackness, he brightens the stars. I am most grateful for life's little blessings.


Craig Glenn said...

"bleeds blackness" is my favorite part.


flowerdiv said...

Your writing is vivid and wonderul thanks for the inspired words!

Regina Marie said...

What compelling words..
"For in God's loving arms, my soul is resting".. beautiful-