Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ode to Fedora

Hi all,

This poem is written in honor of my lovely fedora. It is a fixture upon my head in my profile pick. I find it very inspiring. Hope you enjoy my ode poem :)

You suit me with that wide brim curve
Hanging like a sail in the world
You suit me with your plush felt
Kissing velvet against the mouth
You suit me like wine gliding down my body
Riding the waves and shadows of darkness
You suit me like a glove worn tight
Tugging each finger into the hours of daylight
You suit me like the wail of brass and saxophone
Coiling from the embers of a sultry note
You suit me in that fresh taste of love
Bringing to mind the intimate sounds of a dove

You suit me
You move me
When I wear you
I am the muse
The Mona Lisa
Of plum and rose exhumed


Fiducia said...

'Kissing velvet against the mouth'...aww..
'You suit me like the wail of brass and saxophone'.. Symphony
'When I wear you..I am the muse'.. Striking!

Flawless masterpiece; a true ODE!!

C Will said...

Hey WG,
Wow where can I get one of those "Coiling from embers of a sultry note" well done!!:)

Greg said...

Beautiful words, I especially liked "You suit me like wine gliding down my body" and the rhyme of muse and exhumed - exquisite.