Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Surprise

Hi all,

I am sending you all Easter blessings today and a short story I recently penned. Hope you enjoy!

It was rumored that a family of rabbits had made their new residency in the old abandoned church on Oak Hill. The grass had knelt down reverently under the burnt shade of endless summers. The tree too grew sleepy and rested its branches against the roof.

People had abandoned church and instead chose to acknowledge God with silent nods and glances toward the sky. Their heads and hearts were filled with city cares and daily life. Only when the old were buried did the masses pass quietly by the abandoned church on Oak Hill.

When it was rumored four footed creatures made their homes between the pews, some youth gathered beneath the church’s weary yellow awning. They gawked inside its murky glass windows for signs of bunny ears. They longed for the revelation of thumping feet. Perhaps it had been a hoax or a pastor’s tale to lure them back into church.

The children scattered to feed their bellies and play until sunset. All except Harris and Lana who were transfixed by the sunlight’s web against the door.

“Is it a sign,” Lana gasped. There remained something pious in her voice. Something wild and adventurous leapt from Harris eyes to his lips.

“Let’s go inside,” he dared. She hesitated at the thought of trespassing but acquiesced. Perhaps there is life in there, she smiled.

The old, carved doors whistled open upon their touch. It was as if someone was beckoning them inside. The pews were changing from decayed stone to polished wood again. The walls were growing vines and the ground sprang up lush meadows for flowers to nestle upon.

Harris looked at Lana in disbelief. “Do you see this,” he asked, and she gave an awestruck nod.

Then their ears heard the crunching of tiny feet on grass. A rabbit gawked at them with her coal, dark eyes. Her fur was white and speckled in brown like one of the old cows in their children’s books. Harris extended his arm toward the rabbit but Lana scolded him.

“You’ll scare her,” she whispered. But the rabbit froze like stone. She wrinkled her nose before hopping forward. Both took it as a sign to follow her and found the spot where her young were sleeping. Their skin was fragile and pink bathed in a ray of sunlight.

“Babies,” Lana squealed. “I always wanted a baby rabbit.”

“Rabbit thief,” Harris charged. Lana blushed but Harris squeezed her hand as both knelt beside the rabbit family humbled by an Easter surprise.


Kilauea Poetry said...

Lovely lovley story- wonderful Easter surprise!! Thanks- this was delightful..hope your day was blessed my friend-

momto8 said...

what fun to read!! Easter is the best day of the year!!
i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.