Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Waiting (O.S.I.)

Hi all,

This is my Tuesday night edition for O.S.I. and the theme is waiting. Hope you enjoy!!

Pretty plum girl
Twirls her parasol
Waits for a ride
While the rain stains
Against her rubber boots
And waits for the boy
On his bicycle
To smile and acknowledge
Her newfound womanhood


SandyCarlson said...

You make me think of my daughter's 8th grade dance and all the boys not quite ready for the girls!

Green Speck said...

This was different...wow wow...i loved it :-)

my heart's love songs said...

this is so tender and sweet! i love it!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

wonderful words expressing 'feelings of life stage' ~thanks, namaste, ^_^ ( A Creative Harbor)

Anonymous said...

beautiful moment...!!

Harshad mehta said...

I can imagine that plum pretty girl and all that is going on in her mind!

WG, let me tell you for some lucky ones it is mot much different even at the age of 60!!

Ruchi Jain said...

very nice ..apt for the prompt..:)

gabrielle said...

Vivid and poignant. You write with such tenderness about that time of ripening.