Friday, June 8, 2012

Dog's Mona Lisa

Hi all,

Here's a freestyle poem I recently wrote:

He was caught in the rain
Poor thing, a sight to behold
Brown fur matted
And his paws
Soaked to the bone
And the boys whistled dog
No owner, no home
He wouldn't budge
The first streak of lightning
Fell beside him
And he growled

Now the boys were foggy sticks
Though he followed them
Then the Mona Lisa caught him
A silver puddle
Like a woman's face
Or an angel
The world was caught in her
Rain, earth, and streetlights
Swirled up to him
So he stretched his paw
And tumbled in
A doggie's paradise

1 comment:

Jim said...

Doggie Paradise! I love it, W.G. :)
Having two dogs I know they don't always wish to do what you want even though it is for their own good.
I can just imagine, with the help of your poem here, how a strange dog might take an assistance attempt from strangers.