Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July (Poetry)

Wishing you all a Happy 4th of July. 

Young one
Salutes a flag
Not knowing
The blood shed
The midnight cry
Sleepless nights
Fight, loss, victory

Young one
Salutes the red
Salutes the white
Salutes the blue
Sees the tears
In mama's eyes
Tell a story
Of sacrifice


Green Speck said...

It takes a lot to gain independence....lovely poem !!!

Reggie said...

Happy White Folks Independence Day!!!

Jim said...

Hi W.G, this is a neat 4th poem. No, the kids don't know and I am glad the parents are teaching them to value the sacrifices made.

I was reminded of that today. My old Mustang (1998 convertible) was commandeered for today to carry two U.S. Marine veterans in a parade. It was said that 20-30 thousand were watching.

We could see the parents telling the children of the wars (ours was Korean) and how the soldiers gave.

Mrs. Jim was reminded of how her brother was killed in WWII when his P38 airplane was shot down over Italy. He was so young. Now his remains are buried in New Orleans.

It was a rewarding experience for me, I am glad they asked me to help.

Anonymous said...

Hey WG,
Thank you for this wonderful poem that opens up the love and sacrifice of our nation. I would also like to thank Jim for the caring words he has shared.
Have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend!!:) peace!!