Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Friend (O.S.I.)

Hi all,

This poem is written for O.S.I. and the theme is friend.  I imagined a pair of rugged cowboys from an old Western when I wrote this. Hope you enjoy!!

They are silent
Two dark specks
On desert earth
Of the old age
Only horse hooves
Stirs in silence
Bone of bone
Flesh of flesh
Two pairs of eyes
Quick hands
Trigger ready
And thirsty
In hot pink sun
Old as dirt


Ruchi Jain said...

very nice words..

Harshad mehta said...

I can imagine two friends on horse back. Those western movies were my favorites in college days.

Thanks W.G.

Sandra said...

love those images...so true!

Patti said...

Oh yes- I can JUST picture it!!! Well done Melanie!!!

Jim said...

I love your poem about those two 'old' fellows. Have you written other 'cowboy poems?' You might like to try that.

Most cowboy poets are asked to read their poetry. I don't know if the reading sells or if they do it for the fun.

gabrielle said...

I love the silence and solidity that permeates the poem and the bond.

Sandra said...

you have been tagged!