Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dash (O.S.I.)

A headstone,
With life,
Scrolled across it,
By a dash;
Stone revived,
By sunlight,
And wildflowers,
In the wind;
At a glance,
More than a dash;
A revival,
Of love and joy,
Memories and happiness.

Thanks for the inspiration at O.S.I.


Jim said...

I like this, W.G. ~~ I can see those wildflowers dancing in the wind all around the tombstones.

That dash? It reminds me of the tombstone that Dad, my sister, and I bought for Mom after she died. There was a blank below Dad's name, perhaps a dash. It was that way until after Dad died eight years later. Then we had Dad's obit information inscribed there.

Anyway, that is what that dash of yours reminds me of. Thank you.
Note the little white flowers of the Nebraska prairie dancing there in the breeze. My sister who lives in Iowa keeps the seasonal artificial flowers looking nice.

Frankie Jay said...

Firstly - thank you for your comment on my post.

Really like this, very evocative and great use of the prompt. It's interesting where it can take people.

gautami tripathy said...

Loved this.....

universe will not hand it over to you

Gillena Cox said...

how well crafted your dash resonating the (that much more)

much love