Sunday, June 9, 2013

Love in the Park

What is the status of our love?
She begs of him in the shimmering afternoon,
Bronzing her bare limbs in the park.
He is indifferent, likes to rest his eyes:
Will her question spill into tomorrow?

He would rather turn the page,
Before her eyes flash and thunder;
And checks his laughter at the curb,
Receding from the skyline like a pair of jets.

He searches for her heart, 
But finds only anger spewing from her,
Takes his steps as sunset ripples in the sky;
He caresses the nape of her neck slowly,
And kisses her with heat on his tongue;
The yard of their dreams blooming anew.

Written for Sunday Whirl


Wanda Bates said...

Well, they've got it better than my ex husband and I did. We just stayed angry and indifferent.

Walt Wojtanik said...

Turn up the heat, and there's sure to be steam. This delivers, Write Girl.

mindlovemisery said...

This is gorgeous all the different emotions, the way you use language is magnificent