Monday, November 23, 2009

Lost Talent (The AMA's)

Last night, I watched the AMA's and was thoroughly disappointed. With the few exceptions of Janet Jackson opening the show, Jay-Z and Alicia Key's New York song, and the much anticipated return of Whitney Houston, this show was a disastrous disappointment and a waste of 3 hours. After watching the show, the impression it gave me was American music lacks talent. Most performances were erotic displays, without any substance, and drowned out by club beats. As an artist, your music should be as creatively expressive and original as possible. You can't say that about half of the artists today. Perhaps the decaying music industry extends beyond artists to songwriters and producers. Yet, it is difficult to imagine music being reduced to these standards when just a couple of decades ago, we had the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince. These artists literally put their hearts and souls into each performance and could belt out a tune. Perhaps I'm a musical snob, but today's artists have a lot to learn.

Generations of the
Musically inclined
Have receded and eroded
Their rhythmic minds
Notes hollow and empty
Inspiration and perspiration
Neglected and negated
Reservoirs of talent
Bereft in this generation
Of gyrations and palpitations
Bare skin and sex
Sells records
On purring radios
But lacks substantive
Meaning preceding
Generations of old


Kay said...

yip. I pay no mind to that genre

Kilauea Poetry said...

Me either. Nice job. Its much harder apparently not to lean on a pole? Ha

Saadi said...

Whoa...u ACTUALLY made a poem out of the AMAs!! Now that's impressive!!

Loved the line 'bare skin and sex sells record'....unfortunately it IS true!!

Anonymous said...

Well it was a gud opst. M so much into american music. BEing an indian i won't be able to view them like u do. But i do agree wit u.