Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thursday Tale: Old Friends

Hi bloggers,

This story is written for Thursday Tales.

Leanne was a sight to behold in her pink, frilly tutu. Uncle fancied her with cowgirl boots and a wide brim hat. Her eyes swam in blue skies along fresh, green meadows.

“She’s a real country gal,” we laughed, as she modeled her new clothes.

The country air buoyed Leanne’s spirit. At home, she was the shy girl with dark eyes. But visits to Uncle’s farm sparked a quiet brilliance in her. In the wind, we watched her soar with invisible wings.

“I’ve got one more surprise for you Leanne,” Uncle jested with a jovial smile. “How bout it ole’ girl. Let’s go have a look.” Her deep, brown eyes leapt up in wonder as we walked alongside her. A large, chestnut horse was visible beyond a wooden fence. Leanne looked up with tears in her eyes.

“For me,” she asked softly. She tottered slowly towards the fence, her arms stretching in the wind. Her mind had already embraced the horse, stroked its wide back, and laid against warm chestnut. But the horse barely raised its head to look at her. She trotted slowly in the opposite direction.

“Horsey,” Leanne wailed. Shakily, she climbed the fence, shrieking at the top of her lungs. No one could reach Leanne before she tumbled into the horse’s field. She sobbed uncontrollably in the grass. Her fingers tugged mercilessly at her dress and tears stung her cheeks.

Instinctively, the horse galloped towards Leanne. Her hooves thundered in a rapturous trot. Uncle cautiously laid down his hat and stooped beside her.

The horse dropped her brown neck low swinging her dark mane. Leanne smiled and rested her hand against its nose. Their eyes met in quiet contemplation greeting as old friends frequenting time and space.


Amity said...

A very touching tale Write Girl...

Aren't we like Leanne when we were yet kids?

Lovely story, I like it immensely dear!

Good morning... :)

Opaque said...

Very touching...

JStar said...

This is so cute :)

Nadege said...

OmG, pretty girl, such a charming poem, just
as sweet as your mind and heart.

Jingle said...

u did well!

septembermom said...

Lovely. I found it to be very touching. Well done.

worderv said...

Lovely, just lovely, hey seeing
the soft side of you. Brillantly done,

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed this :)