Sunday, October 17, 2010

Champion (O.S.I.)

Hi bloggers,

This poem is posted for O.S.I. The theme this week is champion.

Small victories
The remembrance of youth
Of warm springs and summers
Triumphs of the heart
Budding laughter
Embrace in sunset
Love swept in midnight
Amidst the stars
Small steps
Life its own champion


Systematic Weasel said...

Awesome post! Life is its own champion indeed. =)


Kilauea Poetry said...

Nice piece.."Small victories -the remembrance of youth
Of warm springs and summers -triumphs of the heart- my favorite!
Lovely! Hope you had a great weekend-

Jim said...

Wonderful thoughts, Katina (W.G.).
I will take any four of these youthful victories if I could. :)
Oh yes, I don't have an OSI this week. My busyness has finally caught up with my blogging.

Tammie said...

lovely tribute and reminder about life~

Lost in thoughts said...

Nice thoughts!

JStar said...

:) Nice

gautami tripathy said...


sombre sobriquets

Nanka said...

Love the youthful memories and if maintained through life one can become the champion :)

Opaque said...

Small triumphs help us grow confident...

Anonymous said...

Great poem with such an upbeat to it!

Anonymous said...

And it goes on and on and on .. with every beat of the heart.

Please have a good Tuesday.

daily athens

Jingle said...

very pleasant poem.

SandyCarlson said...

A beautiful description of a beautiful life.

Patti said...

"Love swept in midnight
Amidst the stars"- love the imagery in your poem- beautifully written!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Just lovely my friend. So very peaceful.


septembermom said...

Love the last line. Well done once again :)

Denise said...

I love this poem, thanks for sharing it.