Saturday, November 26, 2011

Back to Nature

Hi all,

Happy Saturday! Today I am inspired by the meme over at It's Thursday. The theme is back to nature.

Somewhere the eternal sun laughs. It laughs and amuses itself whether it is alone or in the presence of company. It cannot dim its essence or hide its mirth. It is purely sun, singular and infinite, wide and great in a plump, blue sky.

This is the return to nature, she thought as she travelled along the hard earth. She had left all her possessions along the roadside. Where she was going they were not needed. In her youth, she had loaded herself down with shiny things. She decorated bare flesh in stone and metal. She lavished herself in incense and smeared her face with rouge and dark eyes.

Then it all washed away in the flood. Her life floated down a great river and swallowed everything. It swallowed everything except her soul. There was nothing left to do but return to nature in the naked, laughing sun


Gordan said...

Oh this is very well writen.. There is a visual appeal that comes with your writing.. thank you

Cloudia said...

nice flight;
enjoyed the landing:
"Naked laughing sun."

Great image!

Aloha from Waikiki

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Darryl Fabia said...

Very sweet. I love the imagery, that once the river's washed all the excess away, she's light enough to head up there.

Tigerbrite said...

Interesting write. A reminder that you can't take it with you....

:-Dee said...

Such a delight to read your posts - this one is especially lovely.. eloquent!!!

septembermom said...

Gorgeously written, effortlessly it seems which shows your talent!