Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Present & Past: An Intersection

Hi all,

I'd like to share a short story I wrote about the present and past. Hope you enjoy

The present and past had spotted each other at a long intersection. There were birthdays sandwiched in between colorful cone hats and frosted cakes. There was the occasional child’s tooth floating by. The tooth fairy had forgotten to collect it as it drifted like a white star. There were children who built their sand castles as tall as the heavens. They became lost friends of memory with forgotten names.

There were former lovers with a single rose in their hands. Their faces grew more abstract and vacant. They rose like flames in the moonlight, waltzing silently. A woman dressed in red led them, collecting roses beneath her feet.

There was youth smiling like the sun without care or worry. And the moon had leaned upon it and made the world regard the phenomena.

The present split the crowd for the opportunity to talk to her past. But the past stops for no one, retracing her footsteps, always glancing back.


urban butterfly said...

Interesting piece. It seems we always look back to the past for different reasons.

Tarang Sinha said...

This is nice and thoughtful:)

workerv said...

Beautiful, how true, the past is forever rushing
pass us. You captured our yesterdays, May your
tomorrow's be brighter and brighter WG, LOL

Kilauea Poetry said...

It doesn't does it..enjoyed your thoughts this evening-
What a cool image of the pretty tree and your stone man!