Sunday, December 4, 2011

Story in the Sand

Hi all,

I've written the following short story for It's Thursday. The theme is inspired by the image from Missrockstarr.

The sand resembles me: millions of grains glistening, wild, coming together in the wind. Escapable when you reach out your hands and feel its weight. It is weightless like me. I smile like a diamond when I glance into the sky. The sun is stretched against me and I am full of shiny gems. There are hidden stories beneath me. Tales of treasures, seashells, shovels, worn clothes, jewelry, empty wrappers. They cover me with beach towels and lawn chairs and umbrellas. But I like the naked sun. I am a permanent island that laughs when the tide draws in. The ocean speaks of worlds I will never explore. I am the spot where lovers lay on their backs and play. I dare not utter their secrets. Their love makes me cry and pine. I cannot be loved or held. I sit here and reflect upon the sunset. This canvas is stretched so wide above me but I do not tire of its beauty. I see God Almighty there with His imprint drying. I dreamed the stars aligned and spelled my name. I dreamed in moonbeams and shooting stars in ways that human eyes cannot perceive. And as I wake in sunrise, I let the sand pour through me.

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RaNiiiiii said...

Wow.. very nicely written story