Saturday, December 24, 2011

Through Nature's Eyes (Pt II)

Hi all,

Here is part two of my story. I hope you are enjoying the holiday season.

The shadow of his little body lit like a blue flame on shimmering snow. He was white with large, brown spots and dark coal eyes. He thumped his hind legs and wrinkled his little nose at her. She smiled back at him. His little hind legs carved out her name in snow. The letters unmistakably spelled Mel.

Ignoring her roommate’s scoffs, Mel raced towards the door and let the cold air wrap around her like a coat. She felt the snow seep into her slippers. Her toes became one with the slippery ice. The rabbit pointed his pink nose at her like she was a carrot. Her roommate gawked from the window in an incredulous stare. Mel wondered if she too saw the rabbit.

Then, the rabbit jumped as if a gunshot rang in his ear and he sped away into the snowy horizon. Mel followed and felt her body feel lighter. She was shrinking into sugar covered snow. Her hands and toes grew furry and her ears lengthened towards the sky. A generous cotton tail shook behind her like a rattle. She could hear his voice now coaxing her:

Just a bit farther now…don’t stop. We are very close to the forest.

He talks! Mel could not believe her ears as she sprinted fast behind the little rabbit.

They made beautiful tracks in the snow becoming musical footnotes below the earth’s surface. She marveled at his dialect and speech. His hind legs spoke to her pumping fast and furiously ahead. One thump at a time. She turned behind her but could no longer recognize the campus grounds. It was a blur of trees and woods. The trunks and branches were heavy with snow. She looked into their eyes and was surprised the trees had eyes. They professed their history in their sunken roots. They wished to speak to her.

There is no time…the rabbit shouted. She obeyed.

They neared a frozen river that stretched for miles in either direction. The rabbit stopped and furtively glanced into her eyes. She stared into his dark coal ones. She couldn’t speak. Curiosity made her leap into the frozen river. It began to melt beneath her as the sun touched down.


Robert said...

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septembermom said...

Each sentence moves wonderfully. You engage the reader with an ease that is priceless.