Monday, March 12, 2012

Childhood (Haiku)

Hi all,

I am happy to share a pair of haikus for Haiku Heights. The theme is childhood.

I am running wild
Without direction chasing
Shadows through the green

And drink in the sky
As a river guides me to
Footprints of my youth


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Oh, I can see that child running wild...'cause I used to be one!

After Childhood

bel said...

"chasing shadows through the green"

Beautiful image!

Bruce Miller said...

Just beautiful evocation of childhood. It reminds me of some of Ray Bradbury's writing about childhood.

Mara said...

I like how these Haiku flow very well together. Also, I had to smile when I read the "running wild" part. :)

zongrik said...

i like the flow

withered wanderer

thanks for your comment on my page

verification makes it really hard to comment. you'd get more comments if you turned it off

and i had to do this like three times!!!

septembermom said...

footprints of my that!