Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hi all,

I have been without power for 11 days now due to Superstorm Sandy.  I miss you all in the blogger world.  I am dedicating this poem to the people most affected by the storm.  May God bless them in their recovery. 

Swallow me
With your watery lips
And lead me
Through a world
Of darkness
Where the moon
Is merely
A faint, distant friend
Beneath the rubble
Endless debris
We once called home
Sadness ensues
The heart washed away
Into the ocean
The trees shake
As they say your name
Displaced, uprooted
From mother earth
Fragrant candles
In the wind
Lights our souls
Like the sun
And you leave
As you came
In utter darkness


Green Speck said...

Hope people recover out of this soon !!! said...

Thank you, so well written. You
captured the reality of it all.
It will be a long, long night in
the days to come. God Bless.