Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Love Wordle

Hi all,

It was summer love
A second glance
No chance to leave it
Between thanks and please

Friends, they laughed
But none could mistake
Their language passed 
A note of intrigue

Together they rest
In the hot breeze
Children of heat
And humidity

She may translate
The whispers 
On his lips
He may detect
The longing
In her eyes

Surprise her
With a kiss
Perhaps a mistake
Though the conscience
Grows sick with time

From my experience
The lab of love
Holds an elixir
For young hearts

Written For Sunday Whirl


Gillena Cox said...

the last verse is absolutely my favorite

much love...

Anonymous said...

22iusivagionentReally, Really beautiful
love your workfi8

brenda w said...

These words evoked some dark pieces this week. Yours is beautiful and shining. I'm impressed that you wrote a love poem with this list. Brava!

gautami tripathy said...

What a flow!!

Excellent write...

in the shadows, let it be