Saturday, August 8, 2009


This poem is inspired by the beautiful and incomparable Dorothy Dandridge for her performance in Carmen. I remember seeing this film and falling in love with the story line. Also, I'd like to add that TCM is doing a full month featuring Hollywood stars, which is such a treat if you'd like to watch a classic movie.

Red dress
Like hot lava
Saucy twang
Singes the tongue
Flames dancing
Rising in your lungs
Sirens scrawl
The loveliest song
Pulsing pomegranate
Or the tartiest berry
Juices cajoling
Rounding like cherries
Scintillating angles
The line in her dress
Induces palpatating
Intense passions
Feeding insatiable desires
Fires new glances
And romances
Jealousy peaks from its bed
Plotting demise
Crushing the rose by its head


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

such intense lines.. and i loved the detailing..

Kilauea Poetry said...

I love how you break the mold with your writing & poetry..this is somthing old but something fresh- you've done a great job. What a picture too- classic!

Anonymous said...

Pic is juz' so exotic... and the verses complement it beautifully..
These classics are unknown to me, but I can read and visualize its' beauty through your lines..
Amazing work!
What is so unique is that you speak volume through 2-3 words without any rhyming ends or flavor...I enjoyed reading this one and would love to read more..
Keep writing!

Miss Sunshine said...

heyy..that was so enigmatic :)

Nadege said...

hey there write girl, you've got carmen
down - the movie was such a revelation.

Kay said...

Wow, at first it makes me want to go out and dance the night away, but not with that ending! :) hehe

septembermom said...

Passionate and tangible imagery. Really terrific!

Judith Ellis said...

Love the poem and absolutely love the opera and movie! You're such a lovely poet.

workerv said...

Hi WG, you did it again, it's good to have
you back again. Good work!