Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yesterday he was down
Crushed into the earth like garbage
Helpless like a moth on pavement
Devoured like a carcass in hot sun
Sprawled out cold like a boxer
But he remembered the words
He that shall endure to the end
The same shall be saved
It echoed till the earth shook
Rising, hot air filled his lungs
God gave him life again
Heart beating like an intense drum,
The enemy squared back
Like the champion
He glared back with maddening eyes
Fists growing like great melons
His blow dusted the enemy on the ropes
With arms floating triumphantly in the air
Prayers as thick as wind carried him home


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

that made me feel so strong.. :D

Kilauea Poetry said...

Thanks for this..and dropping by. I was having a lousy day and this just lifted my spirits! There is so much here- "he remembered the words.. & prayers as thick as wind carried him home" This really spoke to me-

Kay said...

Each time we fall, we must pick ourselves up again, what a great reminder!

Fiducia said...

What was that? So fierce, so hyper in rage and what determination for vengeance...!
Beautiful! Seems like the one I wrote on 'Awakening'.. makes me remember of those times!
Loved the intensity in the words and flow of truth!
Keep writing...:)This one would put an down heart to high in spirits and confidence!!!

septembermom said...

I can feel the empowerment and determination in these lines. Really well done.

C Will said...

Hey WG,

Take a bow!! This is absolutely beautiful the words of encouragement makes me want to cry. Thank you so very much for these powerful words of hope no matter what the situation is. Nothing is impossible to them that believe!!:)God Bless!!

Nadege said...

inspirational. { i can do all things through
Christ who strengthen me}

workerv said...

GreatStuff...I'll say! Some people are pushed
to fight, for what ever reason, we are all
coming out of one or moving reluctantly
into one. How our souls long for His perfect
Peace. Scared and bloody, dressed up, made up
looking good, No one can see what we really look like. But fight! yes fight! the good Fight of
FAITH. And look good, the fight is on the inside. Love U WG:}

Anonymous said...

It's after midnight and I've read this poem
over and over again, I even posted not long
ago. But i wanted to say you must have known
some battles, and surely came out triumphantly.
It took the Lion and the Bear to make a David.
With the help of God we will make it. Thanks

Nadege said...

"prayers as thick as wind carried him home"
that line will resonate for many, it clings
to the bone.

Saadi said...

Whoa...this one is the best of all I've read today!!

Great going!!