Saturday, April 3, 2010

National Poetry Month

Dear bloggers,

This month is National Poetry Month. Some bloggers are dedicating an entire month to poetic posts. Also, April 29th is Poem in Your Pocket Day. This will be a very creative and fun month. I hope you all enjoy some of the festivities.

He said goodbye to himself in the morning
Mostly for his own amusement
A roguish smile parting pearly whites
Quick inspection with his tongue
Ruffling his dark hair
His fingers running against his brow

It was the world that greeted him
The sun lit like romantic lips
Most evenings, he was alone
He'd sit and drift
Wind cascading upon his knees
A summer of reveries
He was surrounded by dreamers
A tipsy twinkle in his eye
Burning in the bulb of a firefly

His shadow turns to greet her glove
Though strangers, she's quick to give her love
They slip away into a fantasy
Before he wakes from daydreams


Kilauea Poetry said...

I always have to read your lines over..and chew slowly! Wonderful creative thoughts! I know I'm behind. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend and happy Easter!

septembermom said...

Happy Easter! I enjoyed your poem very much :) I know you'll have fun with poetry month!!

Brosreview said...

Excellent! Re-reading this brings more pleasure.

Miss Sunshine said...

Brilliant. =))