Sunday, April 11, 2010


Vigilant prayers of peace
Light and airy as the breeze
A sweetened note of laughter
The hands of love caressing
Softness settling in the mind
The cool air whispering a song
Dawn sprinting in the darkness
A sweeping rainbow in the sky
Dew drops resting on the leaves
A gentle touch against the skin
Words which kiss the heart
An unexpected gift
Suspends our tears and fears
The storm shall cease
In the arms of peace


Brosreview said...

Your words bring peace to mind!

septembermom said...

At church on Sunday, the theme was all about peace. It's lovely that your poem helped underline that important message for me. Thank you!

workerv said...

Thank you, your poem speak to my heart. Peace,
peace, peace be still, this poem is like a soft
gentle hand on a troubled shoulder.

C Will said...

Hey WG,
This is absolutely beautiful I wish you could fell how wonderful these words are to my heart!!! God Bless You and your wonderful mind!!:p