Monday, April 26, 2010


Tis a beautiful thing
Your pages ruffling at me
The new smell of books
Wafting in my nose
And I sink
Melting on syllables and verse
Daydreaming in black ink
Inviting colors
Canary yellow
Or brick red
Sitting on my bed
I am wed to you
Bound to hardcover
To the last page
You are jealous
Of books on shelves
But I am a lover of literature


C Will said...

Hey WG,
I so enjoy what you write "Daydreaming in black ink". I just want to say thank you for your beautiful expressions in words!!!:0

Brosreview said...

Literature defined in its worthy form.

JStar said...

The love affair with literature, a beautiful tribute...

workerv said...

I love your work, your words dance in my head

septembermom said...

It is a beautiful thing. You've captured literature's pull on the spirit so well here.

Jenners said...

As a reader, I just loved this poem!

Anonymous said...

This poem captures my heart. from cover to cover :}