Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer's Face

Summer’s face
Is seductively strong
Like a flame etched
In blue skies
Expanding and pregnant
Upon our faces
Our bodies are wax
Beneath her burning face
We are pools of water
Seeking our own shadows
Summer is red and jubilant
Her weight and breath
Is inescapable
Hot with summertime romance


Leo said...

wow TWG, that was amazing. i really liked the comparison of the summer heat to the flame in the skies..

wonderful.. :)

do drop by at Haiku Heights, my new haiku meme if you can. :)

Kilauea Poetry said...

Perfect Summer poem with this image!! Love your lines- always so fresh!
(btw)thanks for your thoughtfulness!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Nithin R S said...

Interesting. You gave summer a romantic image.

"We are pools of water
Seeking our own shadows" i loved these lines alot.

Opaque said...

It is not the heat but the warmth of summer that I miss the most.

Craig Glenn said...

Very nice WG! Bravo! I see your blog is growing and standing strong. I was one of you first followers and love what you have done.

Thanks for all the kind comments you have left me and I am sorry I don't get around as much as I should.

Craig Glenn

septembermom said...

Gorgeous picture and lovely romantic poem.