Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Skin (Thursday Tales)

Hi bloggers,

Here is a short piece for Thursday Tales. The artwork above is by Xianlove.

She loved his brown skin. He was rich and tall like mahogany trees gazing out of her window. His eyes were deep like the midnight sun. She could watch the stars twinkle there. She loved the way his soft, thick hair danced in the wind. He slipped his brown fingers between hers and spread them out like butterfly wings. When they embraced, the world saw black and white. She didn’t mind a million eyes prying at them, inspecting their skin. And they wondered aloud, “Why was she with him?” He was beautiful, brown, and deep, she answered. And the prejudice of race and time dissolved beneath them. They gave themselves to love.


Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi Katina- nicely done! A reality! I think lots of folks are past most of the race issues, only playing it has almost become an art! I believe Christ is our only hope:)

Kay said...

i've always been color blind... lovely write.

Opaque said...

Colors have never been an issue with my eyes and morales.

JStar said...

I LOVE this piece....I have dealt with the stares and viocetress hate for as long as I can remember til it affects me no longer...Love is love...Why does anyone else even care :)

C Will said...

Hey WG,
Your words bring together a masterpiece in my mind!! This is so beautiful - thank you so much Wow!!!:)

Jim said...

Hi WG, this is a nice story. That fellow reminds me of my grandson. He is tall, very brown (father is from Trinidad) and has blue eyes (my daughter has a lot of German blood). The girls love him! But before you get too excited I will tell you that he is married.
I do think you have told this like it is but not always is.
Thanks for peeking at my haiku, Horizons. Did you visit my OSI? The middle verse is for Mrs. Jim. She liked for me to do that.
Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place, OSI

Nadege said...

Very kind.

Jingle said...

excellent words.
it is hard to handle it,
but once one knows the trick, it is no big deal.
Happy Friday!