Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Connoisseur (O.S.I.)

Hi bloggers,

This is posted for O.S.I. The theme for this week is connoisseur.

He is humorous and sublime
High off air and life
Tasted the rain of the Everglades
And licked his sweat in South America

Made love to sunset’s stunning face
Drunk off rivers of the sea
He napped in blue sky canopies

Heart wide as the African sun
Darkens with the universe above
Beguiled by Alps and snow queens
Imprisoned by mountains and sea beasts

He returns with his poor, sweet face
The children happily embrace
Our connoisseur of the world


Amity said...

an adventurer, and yeah i would like to think, he's a photographer?

a connoisseur of the beauty of this world...:)

i happen to start loving photography and was thinking i will make it a point to use my own photos for my blogs...:)

beautiful words Write Girl...i could relate to it in some simple ways though i've not been to those places to take a pic of the beautiful, the unique, the mesmerizing views, and what not!

thanks for sharing this awesome poem and for taking part in my prompt this week...:)

Jim said...

This is a nice poem, W.G. Your connoisseur has been high and lofty around the world. Then he met his match, first in the African sun and later in the Swiss Alps. He came home to be one of the hood.
I like your form in this, the slant rhyme, and especially the shift you used to accomplish his change of attitude.

workerv said...

He returns with his poor, sweet face... your poems make me feel young and excited about life again. My imagination sores with your thoughts. lovu:}

Real Me said...

Nice characterization here!

JStar said...

Very vivid here :)

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Oh, this is a very beautiful and mystical poem. I see him roaming this world seeing only the light and never the darkness. Excellent work.


septembermom said...

He is one of those travelers who stops to make things better. Very good job.

Nadege said...

who could not LOVE this man you have so
wonderfully created? Excellent.

Loch Rob said...

Nothing like adventures around the world. Your poem involks many images for me; as I travel the world too. :) Very nice.