Friday, December 10, 2010

Ten Lords

Hi all,

Today is the tenth day of Christmas: Ten Lords a Leapin' This poem makes me think of peace on earth. May the leaders of this world display a little generosity and love for other nations.

When the ten lords gather
From the farthest corners of the earth
West, East, North, and South
In processional splendor
Migrating to the epicenter
War and politics dissipate
In a season of garland and ice
The band strikes up and plays
And the lords leap and ascend
Gallivanting for the people


Sonshu said...

You have been challenged : Dare to take it up?! :) A kiddy challenge. Brings out the child in you! :D

Kilauea Poetry said...

Nice lines..right now I'm trying to keep my focus with so much nonsense and least we can be an inspiration to one another- keep up the good work!