Friday, January 21, 2011

Anne's Heart

Hi all,

I am writing this short story for Thursday Tales. The photo is by Media Bistro. I hope you enjoy it!

Anne’s heart went pitter patter against her chest. She felt it rise, leap, and rattle in her ribcage. Robert wrapped a blindfold around her eyes. The color of the fabric was dark as midnight. He caressed her long, red hair as it settled against her waist.

“Are you ready for the surprise,” he whispered. He pressed his lips against her neck.

“Yes,” she squealed in one, exci
ted breath.

“Wait here,” he instructed. She heard his heavy boots scuttle against the floor. His walk had always been loud, defiant, and clunky. She couldn’t help but laugh. She lifted her hands midair. The walls grew distant as she settled into nothingness. She drifted into the great silence around her.

Robert spun her around and they embraced. Anne’s world remained dark and she grew impatient.

“Can I look now?”

“Not yet,” Robert laughed. He opened the palms of her hand and dropped a small, red box. Then, he released her from the darkness.

Anne gazed down at the box and shook it. She heard the clinging of a chain rattling snakelike. As Anne tore away the red ribbon, she sprung open its contents.

She ran her fingers along a beautiful, gold heart. She opened the lock and discovered a tiny picture of her and Robert. Tears trickled along the sides of her cheeks.

“I love my heart,” she cried. Love poured out of Anne in new measure. She pressed the lock against her chest and lost herself in a passionate embrace.


Opaque said...

Felt this one... Lovely!!!

Fiducia said...

WOW...Wish that was me..**grins..
Well penned..well thought of...inquisitive start and then a flowery flow..beautiful!!
Good going..
Keep blogging..

Kilauea Poetry said...

Lockets were popular long ago..well chosen tale for the prompt. Have a wonderful day!

Creativity!! said...

Beautiful. Touching. Fantastic Fabulous Write.

Thanks A Lot For Your Kind Visit And Cherishable Compliments In My Blog :) :)

Have A Nice Day :)


workerv said...

Great job! You captured the hopes of many.

Young love giving freely a meaningful gift.
Young love receiving, not taking, and both
shares with ones HEART.

I really love and appreciate your dept of

septembermom said...

This tugged at my heart as I read each sentence. Lovely!

Reflections said...

Lovely tale, inspirational thoughts of love, of giving of oneself, sharing moments.

Heart said...

I love your style of writing! I'm glad to be following your blog now:-)