Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Truth in Rain

Yesterday's rain showers inspired this poem in me:

Is in the rain
That dries her tears
Upon the earth

Her wet eyes
Mixes with brown
And green leaves sprout
Where rain soaks down

Showers in the eve
Tear drops on leaves
Cold wet truth
Patters softly
Downpour truth


Anonymous said...

..downpour truth...' Wow, isn't the rain always this wonderful and inspiring?? 'Her wet eyes mixes with brown'...my favorite verse here..great one! The feel of the 1st rain simply emanates from these verses...We can see how well you've enjoyed the rain..!

Tulika Verma said...


Kilauea Poetry said...

Fantastic Katina- wonderful thoughtful lines!! Wishing you a terrific weekend-