Monday, May 9, 2011

Love (O.S.I.)

Hi all,

This week's beautiful theme at O.S.I. is love. Here is my poem:

Every ounce
Of love
Pours out
Like raindrops
On rooftops

As tears dry
On glass windows
Winning smile
A silver lining
In the sky

If only
She recognized
The strength
Of his love


SandyCarlson said...

If only. Some of us our slow. When we see evidence of love, we clean the windows rather than marvel at what is apparent through them. To slow down!

Andy said...

There something very sad about "If only".
If only we would stop and realize what's staring us in the face.


(Thanks for visiting)

Anonymous said...

Simple and loaded with love...
Verses need not always be woven through rhymes and words to make feel the impact..
This is amazing! So much to feel, yearn, and emote..

septembermom said...

There's a teaser at the end. Great job!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Love measured out in intriguing concept...

Hazel Farlough said...

That was really good! I've been busy lately, and I haven't been on a lot. I'm glad I got to get on today and see your poem!

Harshad mehta said...

There is a silver lining...hope.

Beautiful poem.

Jim said...

Yes, isn't it a pitty that the guys always seem so strong about muscle and physical things but it often is so hard to show the romantic side of their love.

Very nice write, W.G. Sorry I dropped off the earth in mid-week and didn't make it over to here. I should be back in place now. (for a bit)