Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hi all,

I am starting a bit of October Fright at Acrostic Only. Hope you enjoy!

Full of October spells
Rousing from graveyard’s bed
Ignoring the lurking dark
Giddy with yellow eyes
Haunting growl of beast
Time for human feast


Nanka said...

Wooooht!! Scary the thought of being human feast!! Beautifully frightful whatever that means :) It is excellent!!

septembermom said...

Now you're getting me ready for Halloween with that verse!!

Bethe77 said...

So cute! It is just perfect! A Halloween delight!

Jim said...

Very scary, W.G! ~~ 'Taint fit for man nor beast out in your graveyard. Thank goodness and ghouls that man won this match.
P.S. I post dated mine to October 31 but published it today.