Monday, February 20, 2012

My 3rd Blogiversary

On Feb 15, 2009 I embarked on this journey of blogging. It felt like I was writing in the dark and was seemingly alone. Then, I met all of you. It has been a beautiful journey of writing, reading, and enjoying all of your visits and posts. Thank you to my 300+ bloggers and countless visitors for making my 3rd Blogiversary so sensational.

I am a daughter
Penned in black
As white pages ruffle
Against my back
I extend my heart
To an audience
As wide and vast
As the rising sea


Darryl Fabia said...

Congratulations on three years! That's quite a feat. Here's to more.

Jim said...

Congratulations, W.G! ~~ Three is a charm. A lot now have deserted to just FaceBook and Twitter as that doesn't require 'writing' and still allows oodles of friends (I am on FB).

A you said in your nice verse, you are a writer and like to write.

I tell people who don't know blogging that is like having ____ number of pen pals. They understand that.

I did miss you for OSI and it seems that you have been off for a week. I hope having fun!

bel said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary!