Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ode to Valentine

I hope everyone has a joyous and beautiful Valentine's Day. May we all feel the love from the wonderful family and friends in our lives! (The photos above are from Macy's Valentine store windows. Very festive!)

Did you carve your heart for me
In paper mache symmetry
Lay it out with your earth worn hands
Exhaling sweetness into me
Couplets like rain drizzle down my cheeks
Did you canvas my river in roses
Release pink blossoms with their petals down
Wade in a water of moonbeams
Until we wake in sunlight
Splashing into uncharted seas
But I’d prefer no fantasy
Just feel the love inside of me


oneworld said...

Very nice post. thanks for sharing....

1manview said...

Lovely piece.. Happy valentine Day to you...

Regina said...

Wow..this was beautiful! Really sharp! Well I hope your day was lovely and thanks for the wishes! Those photos of Macy's are really festive!
Maybe I'll have a post up soon? Thanks for thinking of me and sorry it's taken me so long to get back.
I've had a lot going on.. sadly, I lost my nephew just after Christmas (he was just a month away from his 25th birthday. Then I became a Grandma two days ago. Life has some strange twists on this road. Anyway, was thinking about you..my best-