Monday, January 21, 2013


This poem is written in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King and his legacy:

Freedom, liberty
An unborn hope
In the womb
Of a place
Called America
A flicker of light
A courage birthed
In darkness 
In marches
In bloodshed
Seated at a table
With fate and her children
But destiny
Awaited opportunity
For the appointed moment
To raise her torch
For all-time


Jim said...

This is a wonderful tribute to him, W.G.

We had a nice parade in his honor today in Houston but the TV had to share with the Inauguration coverage.

Retirement is great! But don't wait too long to do it as it may be too late for you to do the things you '(just) want to do (it).'

eof777 said...

Beautiful... I love your freedom post. Glad I lingered and found it. ;-)