Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Daughters of Aman (Part I)

Hi bloggers,

On February 15, 2009, I embarked on the journey of blogging. Four years later, I am blessed and thankful for the creative inspiration to keep writing today.  Thanks for all the comments, views, and followers over the years.  It's been awhile since I shared a short story on this site.  I hope you enjoy my latest work.

Lord Aman possessed great fortune.  His wealth was so great that all the men envied and admired him save the king.  Now the king had also sent for Aman as he was very wise.  And the king divided a portion of his kingdom and left one under his jurisdiction. Moreover, the people hailed Aman as favorable and just, but the king had seized all the taxes and revenue from him.  

"My good man, do not cheat the king!  But give what is rightfully his."

"Your majesty, you have taken all the money without cause.  Am I not worthy of my share," Aman cried.  

The king was wroth by his reply and threw him in the dungeon. Aman lived in utter darkness for five years.  Only Aman's three daughters came to look upon him.  They alone were Aman's strength and comfort.  

Gabriella, the eldest, possessed her mother's eyes, which were gray and heavy as the sky before a storm.  She granted her father strength and sweet sustenance.  Amielle, his second daughter, kept him abreast of the outside world and gave him great knowledge.  Milliana, the youngest, whispered in his ears like a song bird.  Her presence made his soul merry.

On the anniversary of Aman's imprisonment, his daughters prepared a feast and adorned themselves in silk and gold.  

"Ah, my angels," Aman laughed.  "What manner of greeting is this?"

"Papa, we are here today to restore honor to thy name," Gabriella declared.

"Am I not in chains and cast in darkness?  Did you bring weapons to break me out," and Aman thoroughly rebuked his daughters.  

"Nay, papa.  Listen to Gabriella," Amielle reasoned.  "For we have planned thy escape for five years."

"Nonsense! Return home and cause no more trouble.  For I have accepted my fate.  God should have blessed me with sons."

"You are more blessed to have daughters," Milliana whispered with a kiss.  Then, the girls placed shawls over their heads and departed.  

To Be Continued...


Heather Fields said...

I look forward to the rest of it! I enjoy the creative names you've chosen. Great job!

Lady Whispers said...

Happy birthday to your blog :)

And you left me yearning for more...write soon.

Green Speck said...

looking for more :-) said...

AT LAST! I am so excited, I've been
waiting for this one...HOORAY!

Anonymous said...

Hey WG,
This is so enjoyable I can't wait for the next installment! The story pulls you in - very well written!!:P

Gillena Cox said...

Having come upon first Pt2 i linked back here to read Pt1 first

good read, now on to Pt2

much love...