Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Smiling Monarch

Part I.

I see her smile upon the wall
My unknown beauty, could she be
The queen, the holy monarch
An unknown pearl in the bed of my dreams
I wake up, it is Monday
My work phone rings but I am gone
To see the familiar walking path
Where the art gallery gleams upon the sun
Poor fellow, they remark, and whisper with their eyes
To behold a man enraptured with a frame
But the mysterious woman, she is mine
Oil on canvas, glow in her cheeks
She comes alive in me

Part II.

Days of the week
Are all the same
They shepherd me
From activity to activity 
Though every Monday
A kind fellow
Blows kisses at me
Signed the Queen

Written for O.S.I. (Monday) and Sunday Scribblings (Monarch)


Josie Two Shoes said...

This is very clever, I love how you reversed the point of view in Part II!

Granny Smith said...

Lovely thought in poetic form. Well done!

gsb said...

I like it...well written

SandyCarlson said...

That is one great, loving story.

Jim said...

Very clever writing, W.G.

There's two side to every story, so they say and true here. They both enjoyed the routine although the picture lady queen was powerless to change hers.

oldegg said...

It is amazing what feelings you can evoke by giving inanimate objects voice.

roardinario said...

Vivid imagery and clever choice of words. I especially enjoyed how you put Part II into words. :)

totomai said...

and the monarch on the wall, is still breathing :-)

Lady In Read said...

loved both parts.. especially part 1..very cleverly done

Ruchi Jain said...

so nice post..,,keep writing.

typewriterpoet said...

part II is awesome love being shepherded by the days of the week, I think we have all been there!

wovendreamsprompts said...

very nice...enjoyed reading both parts!