Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Her Smile (Short Story)

Her smile bordered his consciousness like a bridge suspended in thin air. Each step he took, the ground beneath him vanished. The old world hung like an ugly canvas, the paint peeled like dead petals in his fingers.

His eyes lassoed the golden image before him. Her smile was sliced in pieces like the sun and tasted like citrus against his lips. Now his limbs were tangling like roots and gravitating to the earth. The ground beneath him turned to stone, swallowing his toes, and his mind became a prisoner of the stone fortress.

Still, her smiled breathed hope into his soul and quickened every dead thing in its presence. The revelation throttled him with every step. Now his limbs danced joyously, sensing his desires were kissable and touchable. Her lips blossomed like a rose and he dipped into the glory of her love.


Anonymous said...

wow... u have a very vivid imagination! :)
the story had me engrossed in it very much!
especially the second paragraph... the comparisons!! lovely!

Escushion said...

Feels like another sky on the other side of the ground, and that's where he moves between. Very striking images in that second paragraph.

Saadi said...

You draw an amazing picture with words! Marvellous!

I would love to read more of these short stories!

Great going!

Anonymous said...

wonderful story I am also from NYC would love to chat one of these days..let me know what you think of my blog.

septembermom said...

You are on a roll! Great imagery and feeling throughout the piece.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Wow..ha! I saw this late last night but didn't want to comment being I was so tired.
This was wild and ya..what imagination! The canvas, paint- just other worldly! It almost sounds repetitive to use imagery..but this is full of it! I love it-

Kay said...

special thoughts, special words, one could only be so lucky to be the recipient of both

Unbreakable said...

When i grow up i want to be as talented as you are. Great work.

Nadege said...

joyously romantic...a spiritual & earthy
quality to your poem write girl.