Monday, October 12, 2009


Last week, I received a rejection letter for a poem I submitted for a poetry contest. It was entitled City Life. Rejection is a tough thing to swallow, but I will try to take something positive from this.

Great city rafters
Perpendicular lines as guides
Melodious car horns
Distinguishable then receding
The gaze of cold city folks
Embracing dead winter's embers
The jive of salacious pubs
Drunken humor spinning rivers
Sky scrapers joust like colossal gods
Beneath ink black heavens
Sullen alleys mouth agape
Glittering moon steps float on pavement
Rustic gutters fusing with heat
Sewers belching burlesque prose
Lithe cats scurry like shadows
Yellow eyes suspended in crescent love
Street lamps roam stone pavement
In desolate silence like urchins
Time exhales eternal winds
Resurrecting trash, scrap, and litter
Inconspicuous trench coats assails the night
Trailing gun smoke spits in fright
Listless scarlet sets her sirens
Seductively calling her lover's eyelid
Intimations tremble on subway's lane
Screeching, jolting through the tunnel’s maze


Kilauea Poetry said...

Some of my favorite lines-
"The gaze of cold city folks..
The jive of salacious pubs
Drunken humor spinning rivers- (awesome)
In desolate silence like urchins
Time exhales eternal winds"
And more..I loved this and had to back up..I took a breath and exhaled! Grin..just a great job you did!

septembermom said...

You did a terrific job with this one. As always, I love your use of language. Keep up the good work! You're a winner to us :)

Anonymous said...

I second September mom...

this was amazing.. loved ur wording WG...

Saadi said...

I loved the line about roads and alleys....beautiful images!!!

Yellow Tulip said...

Time exhales eternal winds....:)..lovd this a lot dear:)...great work:)...

Brosreview said...

This is excellent! I am surprised that it was rejected. Still, hang in there! Unless you taste rejection or failure, you will not learn how to appreciate acceptance or victory.

Judith Ellis said...

Great as usual! Keep the faith. You have more than what it takes. "Never ever ever...give in."
(Winston Churchill) Peace and love to you this day, lovely poet.