Tuesday, December 1, 2009

24 Decembers

24 Decembers
Arctic chill nipping at the bones,
Wintry white thickens the firmament,
Pale blue skies awaken the heavens,
Frost kisses the fingers and toes,
Eyelids caressed by snowflakes,
Wetting the ground like dew below,
Wind whistling a winter tune,
Tree limbs dance in a winter solstice,
Bon voyage to fall ties,
Pumpkin pie replaced by icicle pops,
Children's elation of school cancellations,
March like toy soldiers in wool coats,
Church bells sing Christmas carols,
And saturates the white night,
Orchestrating a glorious December morn.


JStar said...

I am in awe...So beautifully written, capturing the feels of Christmas eve so crisp.

And you wanted to leave us :) Your poetry is so inspirational, like a breath of fresh air...

Saadi said...

U described the winter scene to the last detail!! And everything is simply impeccable!!!

U rock!! I'm glad u decided not to leave!!

C Will said...

What a beautiful picture you have painted with words. I just love what you do your work is like a sweet dessert "delicious". much love:p

Kilauea Poetry said...

I agree, a beautiful picture.. it's hard moving away from Autumn but I guess that's why it's called a season. Lovely imagery.."tree limbs dance.. children's elation". I don't see any snow on the mountain, but it's bound to come soon. It really reminds us we do have winter here..me-

septembermom said...

I can see it all so clearly. It feels like Christmas here. Well done my friend! Did you see who was Sports Illustrated sportman of the year? Our very own Derek Jeter!

Nadege said...

"tree limbs dance in winter solstice" I just
adore trees in the winter. so nude so graceful.