Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holly (Acrostic)

Hope filled embers crackled in a fire place. The wintry wind shivered against the windowpane. Lonely and desolate were the snow glazed streets.

Oppressive gloom now settled in the loveless room. She rocked resolutely in her chair. Determined not to open her eyelids, she refused to gaze upon the waning daylight.

Lingering was the laughter of Christmas' ago. How she pondered the kisses of her little ones rejoicing under the tree. She favored the lap of her husband and his stirring kisses.

Love was the nectar of time. The narrative of her life. Now weary age dried up the last of her memories. Little ones now preoccupied with families of their own. Distant love was now sent with cards and greetings.

Yearning evermore for holly and trim, the petals of poinsettias lined her steps of yesteryear. Young children gathering once more in merriment. Sipping on hot chocolate and ringing aloud in song, night was filled with love making under the mistletoe.


Amias said...

Very nice story, yearning of things long gone, that is the feeling that pops up during Christmas holidays ...

Kilauea Poetry said...

I thought I could get dinner finished first.. but seems I often read your poetry while I'm cooking!(lol)
Now, you couldn't of put this any better. Your words ring true..I've seen this- and felt a tinge. I think the Christmas season can be lonley for my parents and how age has dried up some of those memories. Yet, you managed to bring the reality of what this joyous season feels like. Nice job- I love your style!
Thanks for your encouraging words too-

Yellow Tulip said...

nice write dear:)..loved the story...very touching

septembermom said...

"Love was the nectar of time." - Awesome.

I feel the joy of the season from this acrostic. Thanks again, Ms. Poet!!

workerv said...

jUST AMAZING! You rapped yourself in time far
beyond your years and captured the very essence
of generations past. My mom's is 98, I'm 74 life
hasn't been quite that beautiful but you walked
the corridor of time with us. "The yesteryears".

Don't ever stop Writing, Write for you, Write for
me, Write for them, they sit silently thinking,
Pen their thougths We will THANK YOU!

Saraswathan said...

You took us for a wonderful ride in Time Machine when we coud reminisce our own life.Exquisite piece of work Dear.

C Will said...

Hey WG,
What a wonderful vision of this woman, to live life to the fullest and watch your children grow-up and still enjoy beautiful memories. This is simply wonderful she has aged yet still lovely!! you are wise beyond years!!:o)

Unbreakable said...

This is amazing. Your always putting a smile on my face with your wonderful writing

Nadege said...

ouch! pretty girl, a sad & poignant often
fact of life.

Jim said...

Wow! You have told it like it is! I've been there. Christmas and Thanksgiving spent alone are so lonely. They can be so devestating to ones well being.