Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let It Snow!!!

Yesterday the East Coast was hit with a blizzard from D.C. to New England. Quite a wintry surprise a few days before Christmas.

Buckets of snow
Blankets the
Frozen earth

Dreams of wintry
Wonderlands are
Enchantingly divine


Brosreview said...

Yes, "enchantingly divine". Keep writing!

septembermom said...

It does look beautiful here in NY. I had fun playing with the kids in the snow. The trees look so lovely lined with snow. Love your poem too!

C Will said...

The poem is lovely and the pics are nice. Thanks for sharing have a wonderful Holiday! Much love!!:p

workerv said...

Just beautiful! You have such a way of capturing
and saying the WRITE thing at the RIGHT time;)
i took my little one out to play in the snow
for a short...Alex loved it. i'm Alex great
grand mom...

Kilauea Poetry said...

I heard about this..and Copenhagen leaders were greated with a fine blizzard too!
Us..we were slammed with thunder, lightening and tons of rain over the weekend! We lost power for quite awhile.
Anyway, I love these wintry with the poem and your wreathe is gorgeous-

Saadi said...

Wow....those are awesome images!!! I so want to experience snow once in my life!

Jenners said...

Wasn't that storm something???? I love the wreath photo especially. And it did feel like buckets of snow!!

Have a wonderful holiday!

JStar said...

Beautiful poem...I tried to write something but being trapped was too depressing for a poem lol...I just wish this stuff would melt already lol

Judith Ellis said...

Just lovely, all!