Saturday, January 9, 2010

55 Fiction: Change

For the New Year, I would like to write more prose and fiction. In previous posts, I experimented with short stories but given the length, I'd like to try something a bit more concise. This is my first attempt at 55 Fiction so I am still learning the craft:

She wreaked ingratitude like sweat dripping on hot asphalt. The stench lingered on the ends of her hair and weighed heavily on the soles of her feet. Her tongue was drunk on insults and frustration. She desired and lusted but she could not attain. In an instant, her life changed. She missed life's greater purpose.


Brosreview said...

Phew! Well done! Great narration here.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Wow..I really like this! Honestly, an inviting change- Terrific lines Katina!

Saadi said...

I read this like 5 times!! Nice work!

worker v said...

Wow! the agony and suffering are doors we all
must go through discovering WHO we are. You
showed us what happens when we don't, some more
than others

Nadege said...

gritty realism, write girl. your sophisticated
writing style is perfect for prose & fiction.

septembermom said...

Really good! I'm sure you're enjoying this new form. Your creativity has no bounds.

Anonymous said...

This is more exciting than i thought, seems like
the gloves are off and the fight is on. Let it
flow, the door is open and we all are going in
with you, we will see what you see and hear what
you hear. This is our year!