Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun and Games

Playing along with Septembermom, and also featured on Jenners blog, I am doing a Word Association game. I am thinking about the first word that comes to mind for the following: Blossom, Voyage, Strawberries, Image, Shiver

Blossom- Spring! Spring certainly cannot come soon enough. Winter's been a bit unkind so far. Time for those lovely flowers to bloom and butterflies to kiss their petals.

Voyage- Adventure! I'm thinking about the classic Bettie Davis film Now Voyager, where she drifts away on a cruise and meets a handsome man with an accent. Sounds like a fun adventure to me : )

Strawberries- Lips. Strawberries are such a delicious and sweet fruit, and I imagine them turning your lips red. Such an exciting treat and makes me think of summer.

Image-Photo. Pictures hold so much memory and seem to suspend you in time and place.

Shiver-Winter. Cold and icy weather has graced the entire East Coast. Hoping for clear blue skies and a hot sun!

If you'd like to play along, let me know and I'll send five words your way.


septembermom said...

I knew you would have fun with this game! Love your reference for voyage. I want to see the movie now! Your take on strawberries is poetic. I knew you would provide some wonderful imagery, of course :) Thanks for playing with me!

Judith Ellis said...

I LOVE Now Voyager! Great movie!

Saadi said...

Your so simple!! Hahahaha....I'd take a whack at this, but I warn you...the D in my name is for Dangerous! ;)

Lol...tht was such a bad line!

Nadege said...

oOo...write girl...your words must have slept
into my spirit and into my own
a small way...gently.